Saturday, January 1, 2011

The start of something new!

Here I sit on the first day of 2011 wondering what made me create this blog.  Something in my heart is just saying it is the right thing to do.  So now the question is, should I talk about being a teen wife and mother, my walk with God and where he is leading me, or just about what happens day to day?  I guess I will just have to see where God is leading me to go with this!  I know it is going to be an awesome journey and I am excited to have something to look back and see where I was at any one point this year! 

I have always considered myself to be a christian.  I went to church when I was little, got married in a church, and if anyone asked I could always answer with, "Oh yeah, I go to church at..."  even though I think I would maybe would show up on a Sunday, 4 or 5 times a year, after we got married!  Obviously getting pregnant at 16, my walk with Christ was very far from where it should have been.  My husband was not raised in a church and to me, I just wanted to be with him.  Our marriage at such a young age showed how immature we both were.  We had lots of ups and downs during the first part of our marriage, the good times were really good and the bad times, well, were bad!  One night I decided to leave and when my husband came to talk to me, my friend's boyfriend that I was staying with sucker punched him and broke his jaw!

That really was the low point!  I thought that it was all my fault and couldn't stand to see him in pain, his mouth was wired shut for six weeks.  During that time we really evaluated where we were and where we wanted to be/go in life.  Both of us realized that we could not do anything without the help of God!  We started going to a great church that we both liked and could related to the people there.  It wasn't one of those churches that let you do whatever you want, this church follows the bible and wants you to grow.  They understand that your not going to change overnight and don't push you to do anything, but they pray for you and lead by example of what is like to truly walk with Christ in your life(Titus 2 comes to mind)!  Little by little God convicts you to change for the better and they help hold you accountable for what you are doing!  At first it was really hard for me.  Are they judging me, should I be doing what they are, what if I do something wrong, will they kick me out?  I have really learned that all they want is for me to be happy and see growth, just as Jesus does.  Some people take a long time on something they are working on, but as long as you are working to become closer to him that's what really matters!

My husband and I with my
head covering on!
 Since we started going there (about 3 years) both of us have been baptized, my husband has went on a mission trip to help build an orphanage in Africa, I have started wearing a head covering (1 Corinthians 11), we decided to start homeschooling our children, and we both have really started studying God's word and trying to put the things that God has laid on our hearts into practice!  Sometimes it is not easy at all, but I know that we are doing the right thing and that is the most important thing for our family!

I know that the first steps are always the hardest ones to take and to look back at where we were just a short time ago, I am so proud that we could tear down the walls and really let God in and take over our life!  It is a truly wonderful feeling to have a husband who follows God, prays for our family, and leads us on our journey!

I will end with this today,  this week I will be starting the Bible in 90 challenge over at  Wish me luck!

Forever Changing,


  1. Liz, it is so encouraging to hear your story! Thanks for sharing!! Ps. You look really cute with your hair up in a covering! ;)Tina Horst

  2. hey liz, its really neat to read your story! i know God will use you in reaching out to others! hopefully david and i can come and visit wilmington, the coffee shop and church again soon!! blessings. -Michelle Weaver