Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Got Money?

Sometimes I think that the hardest thing about being a teen mom was that we really had no time to save up money, to build that cushion, just in case!  It's not that we didn't work, we had jobs, it's just that well we were self-centered.  It was our money and we could spend it right?  Turns out that paying for "everything" as a teen is not quite the same thing as supporting yourself, your family.  We were immature, so when we didn't like a job we quit.  We always managed, but never managed to get ahead.  With a second child at 18, and then a third at 22, I think we kinda gave up along the way.  Now I always worry about money and my husband always says "It will work out, God will provide!"  I have to say though, we are not poor either.  Not to long ago we had a message at church.  Did you know; if you keep food in a refrigerator, clothes in a closet, sleep in a bed, and have a roof, you are richer than 75% of the world? That if you make more than $10,066 per year, you are in the richest 16% of the world?
So here is my verse for today, "Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great wealth with turmoil." -Proverbs 15:16
  God will turn on a light when you are in the dark, but you still have to watch where you are going!  So when God gives us something we will "watch" what we are doing with it and leave the rest to God. Maybe this is God's way of keeping me grounded, centered on him.  I don't need wealth with turmoil, I need GOD!

Forever Changing,

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