Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Growing up, the house that I lived in had shingles on the walls instead of siding, it was old, it was ugly.    I remember not wanting my friends to see where I lived because at first glance the house did not look great, but once they were there we had so much fun.  There was a natural spring in the backyard, a creek across the street, plenty of climbing trees, and tons of cornfields around. I could have easily hid inside and complained about what the house looked like.  Instead we built houses in the weeds, made "dishes" from the clay in the creek, built dams in the water, caught "food", played tag in the fields, swam in the creek, climbed in trees, the list goes on and on!  It was a great place to spend the day.   Everyone wanted to come over.  The location was great!  I compare that old house and land with my relationship with God!  It doesn't matter what kind clothes I wear, car I drive, or house I live in, it's about what I do with what God gives me, it's about where I am spiritually.  Do people see God in me, do they see how he is working in me, all of the great things he has given me?   I want the "location" of my heart to show people that God is awesome!  He is the reason I (try to) keep my house in order, cook with love, do dishes, homeschool my children.  I want people to say "Even though she is not a perfect package, I want that "location"! I want God in my life too."

Forever Changing,

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