Sunday, January 2, 2011


As I reflect over the past year the thing that stands out in my mind the most was staring out of the back of an ambulance on my way to have emergency surgery on my throat!  What a couple of months that was, the doctor did the surgery and then I was on strict orders, "Liquid diet, NO pop!"  until the following surgery.  After the second surgery the doctor said I could go on a soft diet, still no pop, no bread, and no red meat!  In an instant I went from being able to have whatever I liked to almost nothing.  Did he know that all I drank was Mt Dew?  What was I going to do without it?  I love bread, going from bread with almost every meal to nothing, what was he thinking?  The first week was so bad.  All I could think about was eating and boy did I have a headache!  I wasn't allowed to have all of those things that I loved, couldn't imagine what I would do if I couldn't have them, still here I was alive, still able to enjoy my family yet complaining about all of the things that I couldn't have!  Now I know why people fast.  I pulled out the pictures of all the children my husband had taken when he was in Africa.  They were so excited to get beans, to get a piece of candy!  I prayed for those children, for everyone really, that didn't know where their next meal would come from.  I thanked God every time that I heard my stomach that I was able to go to the store and get special food that I could eat!  I lost 20pounds! God sure has a way of taking something that we think is bad and turning it into something Great right?  I am challenging myself this year to look at those not so great moments and say "Ok God, I may not know right now what you want me to get out of this but I am ready for it!"  It will be a challenge for sure!

Forever Changing,


  1. Yes, when I broke my leg almost 9 years ago, I learned so much during that difficult time! The challenges the Lord allows for us are definitely learning times. :)

  2. Good post!! And inspiring !! I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I'm now a follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  3. What a great teacher perspective & circumstance are! I love how God works all the hardships into ways that can bring more glory to Him,I love how you used the photos and prayers,to change the situation from yourself and what was missing into opportunity: what a blessing , thank you for sharing and re- focusing my perspective today,
    In His Grace,