Monday, February 21, 2011


Everyone is blessed with an imagination. 
Some just know how to use it better than others.  Developing your imagination takes some effort.  Don't quench your creativity with thoughts of "I could never do that," or "That's impossible," or "Maybe some other day." 
Let your mind dream big.  Brainstorm, just letting your thoughts run rampant. 
You may even hit on something that will change the world! 
Don't settle for premade, premeasured, prepackaged life.  Keep your friends and family guessing what you'll do next.  Make life an exciting adventure for you and for them!" -Luci Swindoll

I want my children to live this!  This is one of the big reasons why my husband and I decided to try homeschooling.  I want them to dream big, do things that they are interested in, learn to question what others say, not go with the flow.  I want them to read the bible and know what it means to them.  I don't want them to take everything for face value, I want them to dig in to things.  I want them to crave more.  Without an imagination and big dreams to keep pushing yourself, how far will you go?  Make life exciting, do something different.  Maybe you will hit on something that will change the world for the better! 

Forever Changing,

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  1. My kids also have a big imagination. Creativity is one of those things that will help children do well in whatever career they choose. Open-ended activities are great for that, and hurray for homeschooling!