Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday a missionary visited our church.  His family moved here from Kenya, Africa.  Since this is where my husband went on his mission trip I was really looking forward to hearing from him!  The message was great, I loved listening to him, you could feel his passion.  He was good at getting everyone involved in the message.  One of the things he said when he started was, "we have a saying in Africa, Americans may have watches but we have the time."  Remember back a few weeks ago when I wrote about this, my husband saying that church was so long.  I thought to myself when he was telling me this, "How could you sit there that long?"  Now I know, the missionary went a little over our "normal time" but it didn't feel like it was that long.  It almost felt like it was just me and him having a conversation.  It was so neat, and I loved the accent! 
Anyway it just really gets me thinking, as American Christians we plan trips to go over there and help them out.  They need it, they are poor, I have seen the pictures and heard the stories of how they live.  But then to here that they come over here to show us what it's like to give EVERYTHING to God.  It is hard when we have so many things and they get in our way, everyday things.  We are so busy.  One of my friends recently did a survey of why people didn't attend church, a lot of them said it was because they were either too busy on Sundays, or so busy during the week that they were to tired to get up on Sundays!  I know that I can't get rid of my clocks and watches but I want more time.  As a Christian I have to think, which do I think God wants me to have, a watch or TIME!

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