Thursday, February 10, 2011


I read the secret of looking beautiful today, and surprise you can't buy it at a drugstore, on ebay, or anywhere else!  When I found this quote I just had to smile and think how very true it is.  It doesn't matter how much make-up I put on or weather I dye my hair.  It doesn't matter what kind of clothes I buy or if I have designer shoes.  It doesn't even matter if I have wrinkles (once I told my son that I was putting on wrinkle cream and he said he wanted some wrinkles too.  I put a little on him and he asked how long it takes to work.  I laughed and told him about 20 years!  His answer, "Mom how come it worked so quick on you then!")  It all comes down to this;

Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you look when you're looking for
what's beautiful in someone else? -Barbara Johnson

When I am looking for the good in others, my heart is in the right place.  When I am looking at others the way God wants me to, they see God through me.  What could be more beautiful than that?

Forever Changing,

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