Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It seems that once you get out of the habit of doing something it is hard to get started again!  We have had a busy couple of weeks here (so glad the weather is getting warmer)!  I am still doing my 90 day challenge and the James study with my wonderful GMG's

I joined a new homeschooling group that is doing all kinds of great things.  We are doing a flat traveler and a geography box club right now.  The flat traveler is a "person" that we made and then we trade it with different people from across the world (kinda like a flat Stanly).  We keep their traveler and take pictures of things we do, places we go, and write in a journal about the stay.  The "host" family of our traveler does the same.  So the kids get to "see" what different families do and learn about different places too!  The geography box, is just a shoebox that we put all kinds of things that represent OH in and then send it to someone in a different state and they do the same.  Another great way to learn about different places.  The girls are also interested in doing a pen pal exchange with some girls from the group! 
Our flat traveler!

We decided to join 4H!  Since my little man isn't quit old enough to do a project he will be in Cloverbuds, and the girls are busy picking what projects they want to do.  We are defiantly doing photography and cake decorating.  I am glad that they are choosing projects that will help them to become Proverb 31 women :)  As both of these projects could provide extra income for them when they get older, and allow them to be SAHM!  We are really excited about getting into their projects too.

We also started some of our seeds inside for our garden this year.  I am so glad that we are going to be able to have one.  Although it will not be a big one, every bit helps and the girls really love the idea.  I really want them to learn how great it is to be able to plant, put in some work, and then be able to eat the food! 

Another thing that we are gearing up for is Soccer and Softball/Baseball.  This is something that daddy loves to do with them and they are learning working as a team and building confidence.  We are really trying to focus on getting out and doing a lot of things in the community right now.  The more people that we get to know the more people that we can share God's love with!

Forever Changing,

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