Friday, March 18, 2011

Just in case!

A while back my son decided he wanted to be a "lionbacker" when he grew up.  So him and daddy have been practicing football quiet a bit lately.  The other day when they were practicing, my husband said to him, "You have to try to catch the ball" and he responded, "Dad, I just want to be a linebacker!"  My husband, of course, went into the whole speech about sometimes you have the opportunity to make an interception and that even if your job isn't going to be catching the ball you still need to learn, just in case!  Well it really got me thinking, even though I feel like right now my "job" is just leading people to God and then letting someone else more qualified take over.   I still need to do my part in learning what I can, you know just in case.  I think sometimes I kinda say to myself, "well it's not really my job" and don't go as far as I should, or don't push as hard as I could to get someone to go to church or get to know God.  I am really going to try to start working on this area.  Just like in football, or at a regular job, the more you know and can do, the more valuable you are to them.  I want God to see that I am valuable, that I am working for him and trying my best everyday.  I am not just there Monday-Friday to get a paycheck, I want to be at the top of the ladder, in the front of the line at the gate!

Forever Changing,

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